"In Blanka, I have found someone in Oregon with the healer’s mindset, training, and skills. Blanka detects and attends to locating the tiny areas that need help. She takes the care and uses her therapist intuition to heal.  Blanka asks the right questions and uses her considerable training, skills, and experience to be the ultimate massage therapist. I am so glad that I found her in the Portland area."


- MA

"I said yes in 68 and am a disabled combat vet. I had close to twenty surgeries in the last thirty years.  In 2016 I was one of three thousand human test subjects of a new St Jude’s Research Hospital program for people with severe nerve damage. After all these years something worked and I became mobile, the joint and broken bones pain was diminished but nothing the doctors tried except narcotics finished the job medical science had begun.
Then I met Blanka for massage therapy.  The woman has magic hands and somehow does things other treatments have never done.  My body works now for the first time in thirty years. With her guidance with nutrition advice and natural remedies
I now look a few years younger and feel younger too.  The woman does have magic hands and more importantly a healers."

- EM

"Blanka is unique in her extensive understanding and use of Flower Essence and essential oils in conjunction with her massage. Her techniques assist in a deeper inner shift."

- BM, PT

Healing the body heals the spirit

Massage Therapist Blanka Nyvlt


(503) 803 - 6671

Hillsboro, OR

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